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Maker Woman

 A regular training cycle that target women looking for a way to create a prototype of their own project. During 200 hours of workshops and consultations per each edition of the project, the participants learn about the methods of digital fabrication, developed their handicraft and digital skills, which result in the completion of a course with a product ready for further improvement. So far, there were 5 editions of the project, in which 60 women have participated. Some of the highlighted results were: 3D printed prosthetics, mini-landscape and a vermicomposter. 


e-mail: kontakt@

Headquarters in Warsaw:
ul. Twarda 14/16
00-105 Warszawa

Registration adress:
ul. Hokejowa 16/8,
80-180 GdaƄsk

NIP: 5833215460
KRS: 0000637354
Regon: 36543512300000