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Our vision is to create a friendly environment for makers in Poland. We want the largest number of people in Poland to have access to FabLabs and Makerspaces, where they will be able to create, learn and share knowledge with others.

We try to make sure that values of creative problem-solving skills, become recognizable on the national level and bring with them educational system changes. Through our actions we want to restore the sense of empowerment and independence to people of all ages, resurrect the attractiveness of technical and craft professions and show that anyone can be a Maker.


e-mail: kontakt@

Headquarters in Warsaw:
ul. Twarda 14/16
00-105 Warszawa

Registration adress:
ul. Hokejowa 16/8,
80-180 GdaƄsk

NIP: 5833215460
KRS: 0000637354
Regon: 36543512300000